JumpCloud connector

Sync users from your MIS/SIS/HR system
to JumpCloud and much more!

Jumpcloud dashboard

Sync users

Using our cloud based service, GSync, you can automatically import users from your HR/MIS/SIS or any other data source, in real-time or as a schedule routine, directly into JumpCloud (in the background).


With reference to the image above you could manually export users from your management system and import into JumpCloud or your could link to another directory but if the source of truth is outside of JumpCloud or those other systems there will enviably be duplication.

In addition to basic information e.g. first name, last name, it is possible to pull through other data e.g. site, role, avatar/profile photo, groups and any matching pairs of fields/attributes.


We already have partnerships with a number of Management Information Systems/School Informantion Systems, but our data connector supports most APIs inc. REST, Batch, GraphQL as well as SQL, csv/txt even over SFTP and VPN and from Google Sheets.

As such we can connect or chain almost any system with an API together, along with with setting custom filters and rules for interconnection.

If you have a system we don't yet support we'd love to hear from you. We can either add to our list for inclusion or quote for something bespoke.