Fully managed, MIS/SIS to Google Workspace
synchronisation service.

About GSync

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Fully Managed

The service is cloud based so we do all the heavy lifting. During the setup process we will work with you to add the rules needed for the sync to work the way you do.

By default the service syncs daily, pulling through staff/student groups and calendars. It pulls through all the year groups and class groups etc. We could also apply conditional formatting, change naming conventions and tweak/reformat any of the data within reason. The service can also allow individual staff to not be sync’d as required and includes basic reporting (via email) for admins.

Example of Google Calendars through GSync


A student's view of their timetable. The event can even link to their Google Classroom!

Example of Google Group through GSync


Here you can see how the groups appear in Google Classroom, which is similar to GMail, Sites etc.

Google Workspace Calendar view


Classrooms can be automatically created with students enrolled and their guardians invited.

Example of Google User Management through GSync

User Management

Once a new student or member of staff is seen a new user account will be created in the appropriate organsational unit. Equally when no longer seen they can be suspended and/or moved.

iSAMS only. The profile image can also be brought across and kept in sync.

Docker logo

Secure by design

Syncronisation happens inside a secure, unique and temporary Docker container that only exists for the time in use! GDPR compliant.

Installation and configuration

We will guide and support you through the process end-to-end, from setting up the API permissions through to the specifics for your school e.g. lesson/period times and terminology, we will then through an iterative process test, tweak, test etc. until you're happy and finally deploy live.

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